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About Gibson-Hadley Insurance
Gibson-Hadley Insurance Agency was established in 1980 in Riverside, California, with the purpose of providing the community with competitively priced Auto, Home, Business, Life and Health Insurance.

Gibson-Hadley Insurance separates itself from the competition by providing superior service when you need it most. You do not have a claim every day so when something does happen, you need help navigating through the insurance claims maze. That is what Gibson-Hadley Insurance does best. We have over 100 years of combined experience in the insurance business.

The owners, Rick Schlott and Ron Cochennet, are hands-on owners and accessible at all times to our customers. In fact, one of them may answer the phone. After you have a claim Gibson-Hadley Insurance Agency will call you proactively to ask how the claim is going, not wait until there is a problem. If there is a problem, we use our 100 years plus of experience to quickly resolve any issue so the process can move forward. Insurance should get you back to the point you were at prior to the claim as fast as possible.

Gibson-Hadley Insurance has been proudly providing California car insurance to California for over 30 years.
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